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Master Vocab & Expressions
in 20 Languages

Enrich your vocabulary and deepen your understanding of idiomatic expressions across various linguistic contexts in 20 languages.

Offered languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, French, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Vietnamese, Bengali, Urdu, Polish, Ukrainian, Filipino

How to use it?

* Choose the target language (below)

* Begin by stating your current situation or context in the target language.

* Indicate whether you would like to learn words or expressions related to that situation.

If you choose words:

  1. We will provide you with a list of 10 words associated with your context, along with their meanings.

  2. Following that, we will present examples for each word to demonstrate how they are used in the given context.

If you opt for expressions:

  1. We will offer you 10 expressions suitable for your context, along with the best times to use them.

  2. We will provide contextual examples for each expression, showing you how and when to use them effectively.

- After completing the word or expression section, we will ask whether you would like to learn more words or expressions related to the same context or if you prefer to explore another context. This interaction will be conducted in English for your convenience and understanding.

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