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Spanish role-play GPT

Updated: Feb 1

How to use it?

All you need is a voice-enabled device like your cell phone, iPad, or laptop.

  1. Use Voice Mode: Start by using the voice mode for a better speaking practice experience.

  2. Set Up Your Role-Play: Say "Let's begin" in Spanish and it will ask you the conversation scenario you want to practice. It’s like setting the stage for a play.

  3. Have Real Conversations: The tool talks to you within your chosen scenario, asking questions and letting you do most of the talking.

  4. Be Your Character: You create your own responses, playing your part in the conversation.

  5. Learn From the Conversation: After talking, the tool gives you a summary of useful phrases and examples from your chat, like:

  • "Could you explain ~?" for explaining things.

  • "So, if I understood correctly, ~. Is that right?" to show you’ve understood something.

Start practicing Spanish in a fun and interactive way today! Vitsit GPT

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